Friday at the Lake 🌞

When it’s hot and sunny ☀️, what’s the best thing to do…….. play on the lake

Friday lake fun!

First off have to share what an amazing girlfriend Carter has❤❤ lover sent Carter on a scavenger hunt all around town. She had hid things at Trevor’s (clues & little gifts) a closet upstairs at the castle, Gma even had a clue, and her grandparents also , she even sent him to BIFFs restaurant where there favorite Carryout was waiting to be picked up by him with another clue . It ended with him bringing all the stuff he collected which made them a dinner and date night. So sweet! BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER❤

Stins even home, going to be a great weekend.

Lake photo shoot today

Jace the swimming stud.

Up To no good for sure👆🏼little boys with water guns

Nice flip Carter

Weston’s Birthday is on the 28th, and his parents our surprising him tonight with his birthday present. We have to bring him over at 7:00 pm to his house for the big present 🎁!! He has no clue what is being set up at his house

Weston got a trampoline. He’s soooooo happy!!! Happy birthday Weston ❤❤❤ goodnight to all, until tomorrow, xoxoxo😘


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