New Discoveries 不不不不

A few things I’ve discovered being stuck in a house…….while trying to recover

TV not a huge fan, after a while, it’s just noise

My dogs….my new bffs

My mates…..they rotate in and out the door

The pantry door….no one ever closes it but me!!!

The front ( main ) door, no one answers it , including me. The poor UPS/FEDX man , can knock for hours, no one is going to go to the door , not sure why?? Must be genetic不

But the one thing I have noticed is the way we all communicate….. sometimes silence, sometimes loud, and sometimes thru text when your sitting right next to the person

And food….people never,ever ever stop eating. Did I say never!!! Someone is always snacking, or talking about what they are planning on making, baking or buying to eat.

Most of these things I knew about , but watching it thru recovery has been interesting.

rest, walk, ( short one) eat ( high iron food) , such exciting times! Feeling old 蛤 lol

Ps. The patio is under way !!!

Stones lined up , sat outside and watched the stuff go down. We are going to put a covered roof over it. Soooo excited, hate the yard all torn up, but finally see the big picture is so worth it!

Moved my lounge chair down to Gmas to watch Carter

Sweet flip carter

Goodnight to all , until tomorrow xoxo


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