Lazy Saturday in the Shade

Ok, so last February we were up in ludington Michigan with my awesome sister and her family . We painted a Ton of rock to hide around the town. We also hid a bunch at where my son puts in his boat. Not sure if the rocks would even survive the winter storms they get, but they found 2 rocks so far!!! I’m so happy. The boys keep asking me on FaceTime……granny where did you hide the rocks???? I really wish I remembered, but we tried to Secure them right by his spot in the marina. But how cool that they found 2 so far!!!

Spent the majority of the day in the shade, in a lounger in the shade, even a few sprinkles didnt get me up from the lounger, thinking I was slightly tired. I really believe the iron is taking a long time to rise, because I’m extremely exhausted from doing absolutely nothing.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day! Can’t wait to spend it with …… THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND ❤ My DAD, P-Dog, PAPA, BAREFOOT SKIER, SALOMN SKIER, #1 DAD nothing more to say ❤

Good night to all, until tomorrow , xoxoxo😘

ps . Patio is moving along, great job main mate


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