Big 5-0!!

Wearing my annual birthday shirt

Look closely 🤣🤣 Trevor gave me this after he had Jace.

He called in to order it and picked it upon his way home , not even really checking to see if they spelled everything right. After they gave to me he was pissed they screwed it up and wanted to go return it! NEVER!!! It makes it more special this way!

Birthday and Princess are both spelled wrong, and I 😍 love ❤️ it!!! I have worn it every birthday since, no matter where we go.

Tonight is parade of lights, you decorate your boat and go out at dusk and parade away with a ton of other boats. Looks super cool with all the lights. I haven’t been in the boat yet, doctor said not until 6-8 weeks post surgery. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 what to do???? We are going super slow. Then all the boats park in the middle of the lake and watch the fireworks on Union Lake. Our lake has them tomorrow on the forth. It’s always been a super fun night and it always fell on my birthday, which was pretty cool😎.

in honor of the ” 80’s” chick! Big hair / don’t care

great birthday, painted more rocks , very therapeutic and relaxing I feel like we get cooler rocks each day

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes, get well wishes and thinking of you wishes! Goodnight to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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