NewYork City Bound! πŸ—½ Carter and Lover

For anyone out there wondering……..

I was not at Planet Fitness, I had nothing to do with the EMS, ambulances firetrucks etc. all around the place. Something went down at my gym today. And of course I was to blame 🀣. Innocent me does not pass out at gym’s only Kroger ( not funny) I got a bunch of texts asking me if I was the person being stretchered out! Nope! Not I .

I’m following directions, trying to get back to work, and feel normal again.

But I do pray that whatever happened, everyone involved is ok❀ very scary


Big send off to Carter & Lover❀

They left early morning for vacation. Watch out NewYork City! They are on their way! They have a hole agenda planned. And Lover is great on communication so I’m not as worried. They plan on checking out quite a few awesome places. I just hope she can get Carter off Wall Street ! He is huge into Day trading, doing extremely well, taking a bunch of financial classes, had his own trading company and works at a company that teaches Day trading. So I hope he makes it back to Michigan and doesn’t want to change his address 😘

The blondes are up north fishing, we FaceTimed them last night out on their boat. The boys were in heaven πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Ludington Michigan πŸ‘†πŸΌ

Dino swims seriously every day, all day, he was so “hot” last night , he had to chill off in his inner tube.

Dino decided he wanted to swim to the park from the house today, this is what went down…..

Those 2 little dots are heads ( Dino and Gmas) the circle is the destination🀣🀣🀣🀣

Goodnight to all, untiltomorrow, xoxo 😘


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