Another day in the neighborhood

Blondes are coming over to swim and so granny can see her boys. Jace’s birthday is coming up………. the big ” 5 “! Waiting to see when the celebration is . Kids are so funny, I’ve already gotten him a bunch of birthday gifts, but every time we talk about his birthday, which is all day, he changes the stuff he “really wants” 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣. He’s the type of kid who will love any 🎁 gift.

Swim day

Or should I say ….. fishing for water balloons. They have 75 balloons floating in the lake, about 20 green ones and guess what????? They all want the same one😳

Funny thing , while fishing for water balloons and Jace just pulled out

a fish 🀣🀣🀣🐟

All 3 have nets, all 3 are catching fish

The big ” catch ”

Way to hot, this heat is killing me today , not sure why , but feeling sweaty and miserable lol. Thinking I stayed up to late watching some motorcross dude jump a bunch of stuff. I guess he broke a bunch of records. Nice job

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow, xoxoxo 😘


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