Fishing 🎣 Evening

Really starting to enjoy this fishing thing. Grew up in a fishing family alway dabbled in it , now really enjoy going in the evening. A little way to wind down. The main mate is loving my latest thing. I only fish with my purple pole ( he bought me) I prefer my bait to be a purple worm with a white stripe. Works like a charm!


I know I talk way to much for a boat filled with true fishermen 🀣 but do I really care ????🀣🀣

Check out Carter’s u-tube channel, subscribe to him, he’s got a lot going on! Great job Carter!

With the castle under some kid illnesses , best way to avoid getting sick! 😷wear a mask ! 😳

Have all my appointments lined up for rest of the week, even thru in a dental appointment. Once I’m back to work ( next week) it’s so hard to schedule things.

Hoping to catch a big fish right now🐠🐟

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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