Maternity pictures❤😍

Another grandson has been hit with the pukes🤢poor Weston, we love you , feel better. Granny’s going to have to stop over there in a hazmat suit to see her boys!

Definitely need level A at the castle, a must have for all members 🤣

Besides the sickness, work force is in full motion. Members of the castle have been sent a formal text……. a smell is lingering in your half of the house do something about it! Their bathroom looks like a hair salon/daycare. And the 1 towel rule seem to be forgotten 😡😡😡

I’m almost afraid to look in bedrooms! All I know is when we are lacking bowls and spoons , possibly they are on Carter’s dresser, with ice cream remnants!

Carter and Lover are heading on another road trip this weekend. Leaving tomorrow, so he might want to do some laundry, just saying!!!!!

omg!!! I’m so in love with these pictures

Great job

Check out her site! Amazing photographer

victoria is 33 weeks today, Little Oliver ( Ollie D) will be here soon!! Can’t wait to spoil another baby❤❤❤❤

even under the weather ……

Dino had to go fishing last night! Nice catch 🎣

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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