Heading North

Interesting fact of the day …,, Dino’s preschool/daycare was missing the whole class, the class has been bombed with hand, foot and mouth disease 😑 Weston is in the heart of it, Dino is about 2 days further than Weston. Jace is 😊 good, already had it when he was a little younger.

This illness really put a huge damper on our weekend festivities. Our whole group was suppose to head to Ludington. We are slowly losing family, half the blonde family is now not going. Ashley and Dino are staying in Commerce. The only good thing is we have a house sitter/dog watcher. DINO you are in Charge! 😬😬😬😬

Granny and the main mate are still on board. My last weekend before back to work, but I really was looking forward to being able to ski, swim etc. My sister is right on Lake Hamlin, gorgeous house, set up. Right down the street to where Trevor keeps his big boat.

And I just got the not so great news….. no lakes, pools or tubs yet. I have this huge problem with surgical stitches. They don’t want to dissolve 😑😑😑😑 I feel good, walk a ton, light workouts, doing everything as told and now this crap!!!

So frustrating !!!!!

I’m so stir crazy, if you see a blonde with a ponytail walking….yep!!! It’s probably me. I’ve walked to the gym ( not far) walked at the gym, then walked home!!!

With all this walking I could tell you everything about Commerce lol, who works , who sun tans all day, who owns dogs, who has weekly garage sales. I swear there are a ton of people home all day😳

Finally on the road !!!!!!

Peace out Commerce twp!!!✌🏻

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow , xoxo 😘


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