Who’s your Favorite Child?

Have to share……

Why is it every time my adult children get together, which is quite often , they all debate on who is my favorite child/golden child.

I die laughing at their reasoning behind their choice.

But do I even have a favorite?????


And now that they have children they should know that as a parent you don’t have a favorite.

I tried to explain that each one of you brings me closest to them for different reasons.

But here was some of their thoughts on this subject…….

Ashley……Stin is the golden child, mom stops everything for ” her Stinner” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Trevor & Victoria……. Carter is the all time favorite. He does no wrong in mom’s eyes 👀.

Let me chime in on that statement , Carter was and is the only child who has not given me teenage issues. He really was/is a good kid growing up. Yes, he’s the baby of the family , so he had lots of people to spoil him

Stin ( Austin) said he is not the favorite, but SWEET!!!!! If they all want to think he is !!!! He could totally give 2 shits about this whole debate 🤣

Megan…. thought the whole conversation was probably the craziest thing she’s ever heard 🤣

Carter & Lover ….. hands down Stin, I’m always talking about Stin 🤣🤣

Well kids … get this straight….I ❤❤❤❤ love you all the same.

Another funny thing is , I call them all the wrong name all the time.

Sometimes you worry or have moments when one child needs you more, but I’d do anything for my children and duh 🙄 granny ‘s boys !


Evening fishing , cousin play date tonight!

Cheese stick snacks , the night is complete.

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow , xoxo 😘


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