What makes you happy??☺️

Define happiness……

Communication ❤

Laughing, humor, having a connection❤

Flirting, keeping the spark alive❤😜

Have each other’s back, being best friends😜


having your bills paid, not really having to worry about money🤑

Having a beautiful home and all the fun accessories🚤⛵️🛶

Is it possible to have both????🤔

It’s an interesting conversation . If you talk to someone in there 20’s. They are all about the love, spark, and connection. Then if you talk to somebody in there 50’s/60’s it’s a whole different conversation. Yes, it’s great having a little cushion in the bank. But does it make a healthy relationship???

This seemed to be the conversational topic today. It does make you stop and think.


so basically, the bottom line is??????? Would you choose money over happiness if you couldn’t have both with that person??

There was a lot of funny twists being thrown in the conversation. Like how much money? Lol and how bad of a connection 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Yep, someone sent me this after the conversation 👆🏼 I do agree … I’ve never seen a sad person on a jet ski

Just a little Monday thought!

Be happy 😊

Goodnight 😴 to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘

Ps. Life is to short, enjoy each and every day with positive people 😁


Can money buy happiness???????


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