Productive Wednesday

So today Stin is prepping for a colonoscopy tomorrow, he’s been having some gastrointestinal issues and they recommend a colonoscopy. Imagine a 22 year old male prepping . 😳😳😳😳😳😳

He will do fine . Good luck today Stin. Clear liquid’s only. It’s such a quick procedure, he will be in and out of there tomorrow, and feeling good after a nice little nap.


So who’s on board for this new ” fall” cereal ?

Pumpkin Spice!!! The castle members are not huge fan’s of some of this pumpkin spice stuff. But we usually are up for trying the latest thing……


Our bike crew 👆🏼

WOWZER, didn’t it feel like a fall morning today? I almost had to turn on the heat in the jeep on the way to work. But I actually stopped myself and said…. NO!!! Not yet!

Once you turn on the heat, summer is over!


A little back in the day on this Wednesday 👇🏼

3 yrs ago Landon James ( Dino)

Carter & Jace with ” Troy… from Swamp people”

Hoping to be productive tonight and cut my grass.

grass cut ✅

all in all not a bad day , not sure about this guys day👇🏼

Well I was told they take anything , as long as you call for a large pick up!


Really ????

Good night to all until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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