So today we are taking it back to the summer forth of July boat parades…… throwing it way back on this Thursday.

When our family does a boat parade, we don’t just add a few lights, we go all out 🤣🤣

Here’s just a few of the parades we have been in over the years

Duck Dynasty ( one of my favorites)

Carter rode around up top in the hunting blind

Minions ….we had soooo many people on the boat , we started to take in water🤣🤣

Shark! Awarding Winning

👆🏼looked super cool going across the lake

Woody ” The Toy Story” 👆🏼

Battleship ” in honor of Ashley serving our country ” ⚓️

Inauguration Train ….Election year👆🏼

Cars Movie ” the it movie that summer”

Lightning McQueen❤

Star Wars👆🏼

there has been many more, please keep in mind that the boat is a Mastercraft and a pontoon. Not the easiest boats to create these masterpieces. But between my parents they rocked it out!

Great times every summer, hate to see the summer winding down. 😰

Goodnight 😴 to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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