Waiting for BABY FARR👶🏼❤

All I’m think about on this awesome Friday is……

About Victoria’s doctors appointment 👶🏼❤. Will my grandson be born this weekend??? All morning I keep checking my phone for updates…….

Grandson’s are amazing

Jace 5 yrs

Weston 3yrs

Landon ( Dino ) 3 yrs

Oliver ( Ollie D) ❤❤❤❤❤come meet the family, we can’t wait!!!!!

yes, I talk, brag, laugh,smile when I think about those boys! A bad day becomes good as soon as you see them. Only a granny/nana/yaya/nama or whatever your name may be will understand. 👶🏼❤ So that is why we are soooo excited for our latest lover Ollie D.

Today’s appointment went well , but she’s only dilated 2-3 and 80% effaced. Which means she could go another week. He did say if she starts to contract to go straight to the hospital, this is baby #3 , and the last baby came super quick. ( almost in the car) . So now it’s the waiting game…………………..

Happy Friday to all! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

goodnight to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘

evening stroll

the Heni dog❤️5 miles for the Heni dog


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