Not much Monday ❤️

Rain ☔️

Lots and lots of Rain ☔️

This is so true, every conversation I had today at some point people complained about the rain.

Yes!!! I get it …. its Monday and rainy

Monday’s suck and so does the rain!


Note to Castle members…… today’s menu

Breakfast pasta salad

Lunch pasta salad

Dinner pasta salad

Note to myself…… only use one box of noodles next time.

Also bringing over a bunch to the Blondes. They Might as well join in on the pasta feast.

It’s hard to down scale food, when you’ve cooked for a tribe forever


Bet Trevor he couldn’t name a cartoon he watched as a kid, by playing a little toon from it. Ashley said forsure he would get it right. FaceTimed him with a few chorus. My bad, he nailed it. 🤣 Good Old ” Jimmy Neutron” .

It’s showing on Tv and Ashley’s watching it with Dino!

glad Trevor and Ashley had a special bond with jimmy neutron

Goodnight 💤🌙 to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘

Busy day tomorrow, early gym, work , then Dentist


One thought on “Not much Monday ❤️

  1. Jim October 2, 2018 / 12:12 pm

    you have that “cook too much” problem too?


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