Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday for some of us.

Got up early to hit the gym, rush to get to Dino’s soccer game ( last one) . Only to have him tell Lover his stomach hurts, and 🤮 puke all over himself, the car, poor boy. We were actually just pulling into the school and found out it was cancelled today due to weather. Little Dino got sick on the way home also.

And we’ve all been in a car with limited things to cleanup a pukey kid🤢. We all started to feel queasy.




Looking at him now, I’m thinking car sick. Or possibly not wanting to play soccer today. Lol

He’s running around tell everyone he’s sick. At this moment he’s looking fine to us all.

Big smile 👆🏼

Lazy dog day

Found my costume 👆🏼

chillin on the couch , haven’t did this in a long time. Movie marathon time!

Busy week for all, 👻🎃 Halloween BABY!!

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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