November !!! Say what!!!!

The day after Halloween is always a little exhausting, thank you Kim & Tom for another sweet Halloween!!! Huge turn out of people, huge turn out of kids & parents trick or treating. Great costumes and perfect weather!

OMG !!!! is it really NOVEMBER?????

All we will see and hear now are Christmas music, Christmas gift ideas , Christmas decorations, the TV will be pumping up all the kids with the latest toys , that are impossible to find. Lets just go with it and ……  oh well bring them on……..

So excited for this weekend. Trevor and Victoria are having us over for a cheese tasting challenge. He bought a much of hot cheese, like I’m talking the hottest shit they sell. All special order stuff. He has a whole list of rules for this challenge. Yep, there is prizes involved. I’m hoping to video the challengers. Betting is allowed and encouraged 🤣🤣I’m placing my cash 💰on my main mate, his stomach is made of steel. I swear he can eat super hot stuff daily and it does not affect him. Will keep you all posted…….THE CHALLENGE IS ON SUNDAY!!!  good luck to all you cheesy challenge members. You will not find this granny eating cheese, sorry its just not for me. but excited to see it go down. This family is so competitive that I know there will be a shit ton of laughs.

Here’s a little smile to enjoy this Thursday

3 years ago baby Weston

He’s looking at himself in a little mirror ❤️precious ❤️❤️❤️

soon we will have Ollie D sitting in one of those.

Very irritated at the moment, went to check out at the store and told the cashier none of my items rang up on sale…. she says just cash out and I’ll fix it. So I pay and ask her for help again!!! she looks at my receipt and says go To customer Service 😳what the 🤬🤬🤬 !!!!

The line was at customer service was super long!!! Really !!!! Thank you very much !!!! I’m in this store roughly 4 days a week picking up stuff !

I go to the service desk, and the guy is super helpful, I guess they never update some of the sales stuff, so not only did I get my stuff on sale, I got some Michigan scanner error, which is 5 x ‘s the amount of error , up to $5.


It took a while in line, but we are all ( Castle members) pretty faithful to our local Kroger, so I know…I’ll be back soon.

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow, xoxoxo 😘


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