Vacationing Children

My youngest children and their gals are vacation status.

Carter & Lover hanging out in Cincinnati. Having a grand time with some grand cousins ❤️

A quick little workout walking the Cincinnati bridge!

Hiding painted rocks in honor of G-MAsound like they are having an awesome time 🎉🎊

And my other son is getting ready to ring in the New Years at time square

they are loving New York. They ate cake at the cake boss shop. They checked out 5th Avenue, the Disney store and lots of other shops , and said it’s getting super crowded and crazy with New Year’s Eve ball dropping coming up. Hoping to get a glimpse of them on TV at the New Year’s eve party LOLcheck out their new face shields ( got them those for Xmas) looking like true New Yorkers ❤️❤️

meanwhile back at the Castle…..we are taking great care of Bentley

So Bentley brought his bed over and here’s who we found in it

REALLY RANGE DOG!!!!👆🏼 you do not fit in his bed 🤪

Between the blondes and Dino we thought we could where out Bentley. Not happening , but they did where out granny. Great day tho!

Tomorrow we are looking forward to building projects at the blondes house, using Weston’s new Work bench. And playing games.

Happy Saturday to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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