2 car accidents in one day😒

Yesterday… what a day

Came home from work, gym to find out Lover was in a car accident. As I’m talking to her , thank You god she’s ok , and her cars fine. Trevor calls to tell me he’s just leaving the hospital because some lady ran into his truck!!! Thank you god he’s ok. Not sure about his truck. He’s probably going to be sore today. 2 accidents in one day only minutes apart😒. Cars and trucks are replaceable, Trevor & Lover are not.

Early morning today for me, I actually watched the news a bit , they kept talking about how slippery the roads are. Well for once they were right.

I walked out out my house and totally biffed it on the porch, solid ice! Ouch! My stuff went flying. Gathered all my crap together, got into my Jeep. Instantly sent a text to the other Castle members to …..beware of the porch. Let’s see who even listens to me.

As I’m driving to work I just realized they opened a new planet fitness down the street. It’s in the Orchard Lake mall. So I googled it to see if it was opened yet. Do any of you think these hours are kind of crazy

10:00 am-7:00 pm . Anyone that is a gym nut knows that ….

1. A lot of people go before work

2. Or a lot of people go after work

3. 9-3 on the weekends 😳

Not even going to bother going there, going to stay true to my gym. The hours work just fine (24 hoursπŸ‘πŸ»)


Talked to Trevor, yes is very sore today ! Speedy recovery to my son❀️❀️

In case you miss some belly laughs❀️

Good night to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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