Pulled Pork, Football and Video ‘s

Cold day, decided to do a crock pot Sunday dinner.nailed it!!!!

This was literally my morning.

Gym, Kroger, Meijer, Target 🎯, and Aldi. Had to get stuff at each place. Knew I wouldn’t have time during the week.

Hated every minute of it. Even left the car running at one place, knew I’d be in and out at one store.

Threw it in the crockpot, went and visited my parents. Main mate basically took over the dinner. Lol

OMG 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Carter & Lover found a box of old VHS tapes. After wondering how we were going to watch them…. we actually have an old TV with a built in VHS player. Omg!!!and the TV actually worked!!!It’s when my kids are so little. 20 years ago. Carter is a baby ( 4 months old) . We are obsessed with watching them. Trevor’s boys love watching their dad. Trevor is so hilarious and obnoxious in most of them. So cute, he looks just like Weston. Ashley is constantly doing gymnastics in every video. She’s literally walking on her hands In the background. She was on a gymnastics team all growing up, so she’s constantly flipping around the place. Stin is following her every where , trying to copy her tricks. Stin was into Superman , because he’s wearing some form of Superman outfit in each video.

We even have a cousin ( Ashley, Holly & Alex) performance of” Brittany Spears 😂😂

So between watching Football 🏈 and old videos and 4 stores! That was my Sunday.

Need to get these videos on to a disc. Anyone have any recommendations???

Thank you

Back to Monday! And heard its going to be a cold one


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