Blood 🌚 🌝 🌙 Moon

What cool pictures people got last night

Thank you Sheila, sweet picture!

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the entire Moon enters Earth’s shadow. Earth’s atmosphere is responsible for the Moon’s color change during the eclipse. “As sunlight passes through it, the small molecules that make up our atmosphere scatter blue light, which is why the sky appears blue,” explains NASA, on its website. “This leaves behind mostly red light that bends, or refracts, into Earth’s shadow. We can see the red light during an eclipse as it falls onto the Moon in Earth’s shadow.”

Wow! Amazing pictures! The main mate was all into watching it. I was definitely sleeping 😴

Today I was working at a center in Southfield and here’s what was all over the parking lot, and field by us.

8 , yes!!! 8 Deer were trolling in the parking lot , in the busy city of Southfield! And they were there a while, just chillin out!

Looks like the whole Deer family came to the Endoscopy center today.

evening walk….. not outside on this Frigidly day! Treadmill baby!

Goodnight 💤😴🌙 to all, until tomorrow,


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