Snowboarding Jace Peter

So we taught Jace to snowboard!!!!! So much fun! Thank you Uncle Stin for all your help. He’s ready for the Mountain now.

Then after boarding we hung out with Stin & Carter at Stins apartment. Jace got to play with chip , and Bentley. We took chippers out of his cage. meet Chip! 👆🏼Jace on his Burton Chopper snowboard

So glad to enjoy this snowy day before the polar freeze!

wish I would have taken more pictures of him on the hill and not in the street, but it was cold and windy on the hill.

And he liked the street better lol

Jace has had no school Monday and today, and they just called off tomorrow! Poor Victoria 😳 3 boys stuck in the house. So it was nice to give her a little break from one today. Plus I enjoyed having just one on one time with Jace. Now I’ll have to do one on one with Weston sometime.

already worked out this morning, came back in for a turtleneck walk. You know I’m cold if I’m in a gym, with a turtleneck and in menopause 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Stay warm tomorrow, goodnight to all 💤


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