Super Bowl Sunday

Today consist of a quick visit to the blonde Family. Victoria was working so Trevor was hanging out with his 3 sons.

When I arrived…..

OllieD was just playing in his little baby exercise saucer, Weston pretty much had every toy he owned in the living room. And Jace was watching a movie.

💥 BAM 💥 in walks granny!

We played for a while with Weston’s toy land. Then ….

We actually picked up everything and tried to surprise their momma before she arrived back home.

Had to check out….

Trevor’s camper/travel trailer remodeling ! looks awesome new floors, paint, etc. Victoria has it looking so adorable.

On to my next adventure today….

The main mate is making me a rustic coat rack . I want to use railroad spikes. So we decided on this warm winter day to go walk the tracks. Well, to get to the ” best ” tracks, according to him, you have to walk thru a frozen marsh/swamp !!!!!! Yep , granny stepped in a hole and got soaked!

First off, I borrowed Ashley’s boots , which are literally 3 sizes to big

That was my first mistake!!!

But it was a success, we found all kinds of spikes for our project

Frozen foot and all! 😂The vision I have👆🏼

Now ready for some football 🏈 Watching the big game with the Dino ! Honestly looking forward to some good commercials, and not so sure about the ” Maroon 5 ” halftime. We shall see. And like always, Football really only gets exciting the last 3 minutes of the game.

Brady????? Or The Rams???? 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

Enjoy your evening, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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