A little bit of this and that

Another storm heading our way. Only this one is an ice storm. Wondering if they are going to call of school tonight 😬😬😬 poor Victoria never gets a break! Jace was Home sick 😷 today. And now possibly no school tomorrow! Feel better buddy ❤️

So after work I ran into Kroger to get toothpaste. Got caught up with the storm shoppers, and bought a cart load of stuff. Main mate & Carter got hooked up. But guess what…. I forgot the toothpaste!!😡

As I’m loading up my groceries, I found a pumpkin in the back of my Jeep! Thank you Stin!! The last time Jace and I visited Stin he gave Jace this pumpkin 🎃 ( not sure why they had a pumpkin, but Jace wanted it) well, he forgot it in my jeep and it had froze, then defrosted and became a nasty mushy pumpkin. Granted it was in my jeep a while , I thought I heard something rolling around back there. It was a good thing, because it forced me to clean out my car.

Pretty much exploded when I picked it up, thank goodness it was a little pumpkin!

Big shout out to ” MARIE” thank you for feeding my family tonight! Easy peasy dinner.

Open box

Turn on oven

Set timer

Go to gym

One hour later

Chicken pot pie 🥧 ✅

Dinner has been served

Can’t beat an $8 dinner for Carter & Main mate! Lol

Save driving tomorrow to all, goodnight 💤, xoxoxo 😘


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