Slip and Fall 😡

Getting old sucks! Lol

Slipped on ice last night at Kroger. Thought I really jacked up my knee. A nice lady came over to help me up. Welcome to AARP! Ashley did a bit of PT last night on it . Lots of stretching this morning before work. Still pretty sore. Not sure about my daily run today 😡. I’m sure I’ll be fine. Still going to workout, maybe just change it up a little.

Thursday morning, waiting to get this day started

Throwing it back 6 yrs ago when Ashley went on her first Navy deployment

Such a hard/proud time in her/my life. Still hard to believe that was 6 yrs ago.

And another throwback little Weston, 3 yrs ago. Can’t wait to show him the pacifier in his mouth.

can’t wait for the weekend!! Hooray it’s almost here

Goodnight 💤😘😴


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