Keywest amazing vacation

What an awesome 2 weeks we had.

Shark hunting success, caught a ton of fish, mahi-mahi, King Fish , yellow tails ,Barracuda , Zebra Fish, and a bunch more.

Seen some amazing things, sea turtles, dolphins, Conch 🐚 shells, more sharks , all kinds of sharks actually.

Played on some beautiful beaches, buried some grandkids, built some sand castles, and played in a big pool every day/night.

Lots of great restaurants, parasailing, surfing and celebrating the sunset, and just … well celebrating lol. Great drinks, and great family crew to enjoy it all with❀️

So on a sad note , we say peace ✌🏽 out Florida, until next year….

It’s been real!!!! Real fun, real beautiful, real memories and real expensive πŸ˜‚

Goodnight to all , until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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