What a scam

So when I hurt my knee, I ended up with a knee brace.

So I get this bill in the mail today that I owe $200 for the brace. So I call them to see if they used my insurance towards it. The girl says …oh you have insurance???

So after giving her my info , she’s says ok I’ll run it Thru.

Now I just received a call and she’s telling me that if she runs it thru the insurance then the brace is $500 😳😳😳😳😳. And she still doesn’t know what I’d owe!

I’ve never heard of anything so crazy before in my life!!! WTH???

No wonder insurance is so expensive

Vacation is over, I need a permanent vacation, just saying

Back to reality

Having my Easter egg hunt this Sunday! Looking forward to that. Miss the blonde family, really enjoyed our time together ❤️

And looking forward to the new grandchild?? Gender reveal coming soon…..

Will I have 5 grandson’s or can we add a princess to our crew????


Goodnight 💤


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