Our little Sylvia ❤️❤️❤️

Today it’s all about SylviaHow could this little peanut become ……

This is our little Sylvia today ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

We finally get to meet her next weekend!!! My mom has her party the Saturday before Xmas. So no one has an excuse to not be there, or have to leave early because of other parties.

🎅🏼 🎄🎅🏼🎄🎅🏼🎄🎅🏼🎄🎅🏼

For instance, on Xmas day the blonde family has 5 places to stop by at!!! Yes I said 5 .

We got time slots and when your time is up, it doesn’t matter what is going on, when the time comes to leave they pack the car up and leave. Good bye 👋🏼 blondes. I feel bad for them because we all want to see them.

But you learn that is just how it goes, and you just roll with it. They rest of the Castle members will be here for Xmas dinner and fun❤️

Hope you all fell in love with my beautiful niece like we all have

Good night to all ,until tomorrow, xoxo 😘

omg….. another 🤮🤮🤮🤮Castle member…Ashley came home from Clinicals all day Puking 🤢 😢

I swear I’m bringing home a hazmat suit from work


My Santa Baby’s 🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼

Growing up so quick

3 years ago

My Christmas boys.

Our Family has grown quite a bit since these photos. So this years picture taking should be fun. Lots of new babies.

Still feeling a little under the weather! Getting my iron checked today and hooking myself up with a B-12 shot.

Everything was going so well, hemoglobin was good🙌🏼. Still eating a high iron diet, I was feeling awesome until Sunday. Then I knew I was coming down with something.

Nobody has time for that

So I’m definitely getting on top of this. My poor blonde grandson’s are all 3 sick . I guess I should say poor momma Victoria stuck at home with 3 miserable feeling boys😷😢. Feel better blonde Family.❤️❤️❤️

Just got another memory to share

My cousins wedding. Check out the kid in the middle ….aka Trevor , nice mop on your head . Love his thick blonde hair. He was blessed with such a great head of hair and yep…. he could care a less about that hair . Lol

Jace another super flosser in the family

Sorry Carter I had to share 🤣🤣🤣

Goodnight 💤😴 to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘

Happy Birthday 🎊🎂🎁🎉

Fabulous day yesterday and lovely evening.

Started out in the gym, ended late last night in the bar. In between hanging out in the afternoon with Weston & Dino .

Dinner at Lucky’s steakhouse in Fenton. A little Xmas shopping after, then met a bunch of friends at the bar to listen to a band.

Check out this band. The guy in the bandana is 80 years old.

Billy Davis is an American rock and blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter, and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, who is best known for his work with Hank Ballard & The Midnighters. Davis was born in Bentonia, Mississippi, US, and then as a child moved to Memphis, Tennessee.

He was unbelievable!!! Then he brings out this 10 year old boy who ……

Was amazing

I’m thinking the Main mate enjoyed his birthday

Sunday fun day!!

Not!!! Feeling horrible today! Clammy, headache 🤕, I can’t be getting 😷 🤒 🤕!!

I ain’t got no time for that!

Enjoy your day!

Until tomorrow, xoxoxo 😘

Freaky Friday

Interesting work day, started the day early 5:30 am. Very busy, both elevators broke down. And one had an employee inside. My poor friend was stuck in there for hours. We kept checking on her. Bless her heart for taking it like a champ !!!!

Just another Friday!! And that happened a little after 7:00am. So you can see how the day is going .

Calgon take me away!!

Didn’t even know they still carry this stuff!

A sad afternoon, Lover was going to Dino’s preschool to entertain them with a Xmas story. She has a little gift for each student and has an adorable elf costume . Yes!!!! Just because, she planned this whole event. Well, Dino decided to get the pukes 🤮 at school today, and had to be picked up. So the Christmas event is rescheduled next Friday.

We were all so excited for her, but next Friday will be fine. 🤶🏻🎅🏼🎄

She ( Lover) did continue to wear the outfit and came over tonight to do Xmas projects. Hands down she wins for most Xmas spirit! Our family just loves her.

Excited for tomorrow. Early gym, Dentist, spending afternoon with 2 ( grandson’s) Weston & Dino, then birthday dinner fun with the main mate.

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘

Getting thru this week ( barely)

Feeling like these last 2 days were a blur!!!

So I set out a plate of cookies all wrapped to bring in to work today, a bunch of kinds, all Xmas cookies . I set them on the table next to my keys. Well guess what???? I forgot them. And I’m betting my life on it that Range Dog was in heaven when he discovered that. Nothing Food wise gets past him.

Work has been crazy busy, which is great, but it also makes it had to keep up on everything. And I’m still Xmas shopping. Or at least trying to figure out what to get people! I feel like it’s always dark out side. I leave in the early morning and it’s black out, then return home back in the dark!

I’m starting to feel like I’m always prepping. Preparing to go to work, preparing to go to the gym, preparing dinner ( 😡) . Then just hit repeat and you do it all over again !!! Ugh!!!

Just saying 👆🏼

Can’t wait until the weekend, always full of fun. Have a birthday to celebrate ( Main mate) . I asked him if he wanted a party or Family dinner. His exact reply….. Hell NO, I have a family dinner every night with these guys. Just you and I are going out!!! I think that was his way of possibly saying we need to go on a date 🤣🤣🤣. Couldn’t agree more!

almost Friday!!

Goodnight 😴to all💤 , until tomorrow, xoxo 😘

Christmas light display 🎄

Tonight’s plan, can’t wait!!!

Lights-lights Baby

We are going to look at Xmas lights. We keep hearing about this place not far. And plan on loading up the jeep and going to check it out.

If you live in Commerce or in the surrounding area the home is located in Waterford.

Address: 2651 Cherokee Cir


Started in 2010, this residential charity light show is a spectacular holiday entertainment experience of music and lights synced up to a variety of modern day dance, pop and holiday music broadcasted on 100.7 FM.

My Light Show Supports The Michigan Humane Societyplaceholder://

Donations are greatly appreciated and can be made by cash in the drop box at the curb or paypal to donate@mylightshow.com

Unbelievable!!! The music goes along with the display ❤️

Check out their Facebook page for more info. It’s so awesome to see people getting into the season. Anyone know of more local places to view please let us know ❤️

And on a funny note, had to share this

my pictures don’t do it justice

What a fun evening, Dino loved the lights!

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘

Weekend Rundown

Finally all set for Christmas!

Thank you Main mate for doing all the clean up after an amazing weekend.

This was how Range Dog felt after such a fun weekend

Not sure how that happened, because he would never allow that to go down.

Either A…. he’s extremely worn out from all the attention from the kids and his ” play date” with Bentley 🤔

B…..he’s in a sugar coma , from the 6 inches of sprinkles that were dropped on the floor 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Or C….. he got into Victoria & Megan’s 🍷 wine??????

I’m going with A…… he spent his play date bugging the shit out of Bentley. Luckily Bentley takes it like a champ! And doesn’t put up with Rangers attitude.lol BFFS forever❤️


This was Dino when we took him to Meijer.

We were in there a while , and I’m not a fan of shopping. Sooo here you have 3 non shoppers in a crowded store.

I couldn’t agree more with him! Plus, if only you could have seen his outfit 🤣🤣🤣 teal overall shorts ( way to small) jogging pants underneath the shorts. Ashley made him put a shirt on, he actually left with no shirt on. ( he gets HOT) lol

We should have went to Walley World ( Walmart) instead of Meijer and we would have blended in.

Back to Monday, back to work , good luck college kids on those exams!!!!

( Ashley , lover & Carter that means you guys) 📓📕📗📘📙📔📒📚📕📗📘📙📚📒📔📓📕📗

And have a great Pajama day Jace Peter!

And thank you Trevor & Victoria for letting the boys decorate our 🌲

And Stin & Megan prepare a granny visit to see your newly painted kitchen!

And good job to me! Aced the online BLS class today, and anyone who has taken the online version knows how bad it is 💀

Just need to schedule the hands on portion ( work mandatory classes) getting them all done ✅


Good night to all ,until tomorrow, xoxo 😘